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The Story behind the gem makes it more compelling, the gem that represents the legacy makes it more valuable.

We also offer a new product line for adorers of ancient collector beads and stones.  We have a rich collection of beads, beaded-objects and stones made from a variety of materials.  We have everything from precious and semi-precious stones, precious metals and minerals, shells, bone, wood, coral, glass, lacquer to even plastics that have been in existence as far as the 792 BC period.

The essence of the ancient beads and stones is the passing down of culture and meaning.  It is a symbol of one’s status from the past, that duly transcends to the present. The current possessor is the present representation of the legacy of the beads. And that legacy has brought in countless fortune and good health to whoever owns it.

The items can be availed of per piece. And we also have them in ready-made necklaces, bracelets and other articles. The value of these stones is also in their rarity. So in acquiring one, you do have the exclusivity of the specific piece.

Again, these are more than beads and stones, these are of history, legacy and prestige.

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