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Using only high-grade rough, the quality of our stones is diamond-like, premium quality Cubic Zirconia.

To ensure that the quality of our products is of the highest possible quality, here is an illustration of what each piece has to carefully undergo:

  • to guarantee that the stones are clean and clear, our rough stones go through a meticulous quality control process before the actual cutting.

  • stone proportions are in the proper figures to eliminate window effect and colour extinction.

  • girdles are accurately and consistently polished.

  • to prepare them to be ideal for setting, we make sure that they undergo precision cuts.

  • the said precision cut process is also for excellent brilliance.

These hand-cut stones are free of eye-visible polishing lines and defects such as chips, broken culets and inclusions.  Colour consistency is narrower by 2-3 shades.  Size tolerance is +/-0.10mm for round and square stones and +/-0.20mm for all other shapes. Height tolerance is +/-0.20mm.

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